Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New members, and a few meanies.

A server, stole my URL, yeah, the one that is CONSTANTLY griefed. I get more done, (Server, website, and EVERYthing wise) done in 2 weeks, than they did in 2 months. I am, and will be the OFFICIAL ponycraft. No matter what you see or hear... I am currently hard at work with the Web  development so I havent worked on the map much. BUT i will open it this weekend for a build party where everyone can help me out in bulding the roads to the many areas of the game. See y'all this weekend.


PS. Tell everyone about me and go to my website to apply for a whitelist.


  1. I just wanted to let you know that you can't steal an URL.. It's not possible, if you don't own something, it can't be stolen from you. Secondly, we've never been griefed.. Third, We've been ponycraft since the beginning. Which according to you is "2 months". Congratulations on not having a life by the way,Obviously if you can get done in "2 weeks" what we have in "2 months" you must not have much going on. Good job. I suppose some people find their parent's basement a good place to live forever.

  2. never even heard of your server before... any screens? I am pretty sure you don't have anything close to a full replica. Also, we aren't griefed. We get a couple trolls now and then, but they only attack our front town of "Bronville" as the replica of equestria is miles from the spawn. We have yet to get a troll in equestria.

  3. Now now morri theres no need to get upset, we arent even sure if he's talking about our server yet. Remeber we are the pony, love and tolerate and/or argue nicely :3

  4. One, the url was more of a whine. Second, I get an email bashing my server from god knows what 'server' Or if its even one saying they are well more than halfway done and a threat to take my server down. So I was bashing the person who sent that email. Not a particular server. It was just a rant. I ain't even mad.