Monday, April 11, 2011

Server Info

The server is a co-operative RP server, You can get all materials you want for free, or you can go and mine them yourself. There is a resource hub in Ponyville and you can ship them off to another city, and you can view and build in a free-build server, Yes, everywhere is free-build, this server is not to be a replica, like the other server, it is so people can live, where the ponies live, without being called a griefer for 'scarring' the land scapr with a personalized house.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fixed minecarts

Pun Cities


ALSO: official name for lunacity: Lunafayette

San Foalciscolt
Saddle Arabia
Las Pegasus
Foalata Canture
Saint Poniesburg

Railways and roads, of yeah, fillydelphia and stalliongrad

Red: Mail Delivery route
Blue: Rail Line one
Black(line): Railway 2

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Server party tonight

Anyone interested will be able to join the server tonight and help me build ponyville. WOO PONYVILLE! Sill hard at work aon clodsdale, once I get the base and bulk of cthe clods done, everyone will work on that with me. Im guessing a few days

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Im developing my clodsdale right now, so yeah, ill keep y'all posted

Friday, April 1, 2011

Map Day update 2

I got MAJOR facework done and am starting to building pony ville

What should I do now poll

Mapping Day update 1

After getting all ready I decided to go exploring and this world generated PERFECTLY just look
Legend Black is road.
Light green is forest.
Blue is water that is going to be man made
Brown is a path, or landmark rout used in the show

I added Coltarado as a breaking pount as it takes just about half a days walk from ponyville

Fillypines are a vacation island for ponys to visit

For any questions, just consult my by emailing

Up and early.

Im up very early today. (Ready I mean) And getting straight to mapping. Ill be posting a few times so be sure to keep up.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My friend marcus is currently in the hospital, injured in a car wreck that i was too almost caught in. Us both being pedestrians. Please wish him luck as he has been my best friend for 4 years.

Long day tomorow.

Well. Tomorow ive got a LONG exploration day, maping out good everfree locals and zakoras hut, oh yeah. Im working on cloudsdale, and i god my starting cloud up, so ill get some screens up. Tomorow is a dedicated mapping day, so expect a VERY long post or two, on april first. No joking.

Cloudsdale? Cloudsdale...

I've begun work on Cloudsdale.... It will be in a separate world than main Equestria, and you have to ride a balloon to get there
The balloon will run every night/day cycle, APPROXIMATELY. Yeah, ride a fucking balloon to get to clouds dale... warning.. if you fall off, you die... It will be a bit like SkyLands if you have played it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh yeah

Thank you pinkie pie for handleing the hosting, He bought a new servermachine. (Smokingly high Price) The website is for all you craftians, the cureent apply on that site is broken though, as I am  new to .php

New members, and a few meanies.

A server, stole my URL, yeah, the one that is CONSTANTLY griefed. I get more done, (Server, website, and EVERYthing wise) done in 2 weeks, than they did in 2 months. I am, and will be the OFFICIAL ponycraft. No matter what you see or hear... I am currently hard at work with the Web  development so I havent worked on the map much. BUT i will open it this weekend for a build party where everyone can help me out in bulding the roads to the many areas of the game. See y'all this weekend.


PS. Tell everyone about me and go to my website to apply for a whitelist.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Server so far.

This is my Equestria so far. (Basically Canterlot and scouted locations) Thanks to Dark_Horst and his German engineering mind powers the main Canterlot building was possible.(Just giving credit where credit is due.)

Monday, March 28, 2011

PonyCraft Temporary Website

PonyCraft.webs.Com is yours to view and browse until I get my internet and domain name. (Anyone care to donate?) This has all been made possible by a very kind pony. (You know who you are) He GRACIOUSLY donated to me, the Dell OptiPlex GX260 the is perfect in size and power to run CraftBukkit on Linux. (Still need Linux help. Any takers on that? Email me at Screenshots of the server coming soon, to a blog/website near you!

WOO! My OptiPlex is ONLINE!(Kind of)

I got Ubuntu 10.10 Installed successfully, due to the... dated... CD Drive it was a pain in the proverbial ass getting ANYTHING installed on it. Thank you WD Hard drive. (Advertisement?) Either Way, Im getting MySQL and some other fundamental resources in running a MC server. (Like knowledge of UNIX commands.)

Any tips people?

Hello and welcome!

I will be dedicating this blog to the development of Equestria on my minecraft  server in its cold dark offline days!